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My name is Silvia Eddy and I am the founder of MIO 

MIO is meant to be an extension of your expression and uniqueness. I design accessories and swimwear that help you define and elevate your very own style.

MIO is an Oxford County based, sustainable brand that carefully curates and produces swimwear and accessories made in small batches.

Our brand was born as an expression of love and passion for making unique, hand crafted accessories that showcase the highest quality of craftmanship and help you be the designer of your very own self expression. Designing and making accessories makes my heart beat fast, every-time I figure out the right materials, processes and finishes for every piece something inside me is incredibly happy.


I design our collections in Canada and depending on the piece I work closely with artisans in Colombia to bring you sustainable-luxury pieces that are handmade in small batches. MIO is created with heavy detail in colour, textures, freshness and an explosion of happiness. We collaborate with artisans to bring you some great craftmanship while staying true to ethically sourced materials and emplying women artisans working to support their families.

Sustainability is key here at MIO, we avoid the use of materials that do not have dual purpose. That means you will find some nice surprises and hidden messages in a lot of our branding and packaging so keep an eye for those.


My goal is for you to feel the essence of our designs in each piece you wear and that in turn you MIO accessories assist you in defining your own path.


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